To be presented in Alicante, from March 29 to 31, 2019

The Presidency of the Valencian Generalitat, the Valencian Ministries of Justice, Public Administration, Democratic Reforms and Public Liberties as well as the Civic Commission of Alicante for the Recovery of Historical Memory are pleased to present the International Meeting ‘Policies and Practices for the Recovery of the  Historical and Democratic Memory in Spain’, which will be held in Alicante from March 28 to 31, 2019, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War in this city. In addition, the University of Alicante, the Interuniversity Chair of Democratic Memory, the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, AMESDE, the City of Alicante, and the Port Authority of Alicante as well other institutions and organizations have collaborated in the presentation of this conference.

In this event, historians and jurists of international prestige will offer presentations and interventions that will deal with the current state of the restoration of the Historical and Democratic Memory in Spain. In addition, Human Rights and Universal Justice will be addressed. Other related topics will also be discussed, among them the current status and the prospective of the memorialist movement in Spain as a whole, the policies and institutional practices around the Historical and Democratic Memory, the municipal experiences of recovery of the Memory, research in Historical Memory and the internationalization of memorialist actions. Complementary aspects will be addressed in programmed panels of experts and in roundtables. Finally, exhibitions, films and itineraries will be offered on topics concomitant with conference topics. The convening institutions and entities invite all organizations, associations and organizations working in the field of Recovery of the Historical Memory, members of memorial associations, professionals,university professors and students linked or interested in the subject and citizens in general to participate in the wide forum of debate and reflection, as well as in the socio-cultural activities, which will be specified in the provisional program of the Meeting in the coming weeks. In this document, in addition to the agenda of activities, complementary information will be offered regarding access to different places in the city where the events, exhibitions and visits that make up the event will take place. Likewise, the procedure to register and participate in the event will be described. We wish that the wides cientific and participative program that is proposed be of your interest, and we hope to greet you personally during the Meeting.

The Organizing Committee